“Flight” to appear in The Wrath-Bearing Tree

Hello and happy New Year to all! The new year has greeted me with the acceptance of my short story “Flight” by The Wrath-Bearing Tree.

From their website: “Established by combat veterans and maintained by a diverse board of veterans, military spouses, and writers compelled by themes of social justice and human resilience, The Wrath-Bearing Tree publishes essays, reviews, fiction, and poetry on military, economic, and social violence written by those who have experienced military, economic, and social violence or their consequences.”

The story is slated to appear in March 2022 online.

“Pebble on a Mountaintop” to appear in The Summerset Review

Hello all! I received news a couple of days ago that my short story “Pebble on a Mountaintop” was accepted for online publication by The Summerset Review. From their Mission Statement: “We think of ourselves as simply people who like to read good contemporary literature, who want to share the best of our experiences with others.

The story is slated to appear on their website on September 15.

“The Book” in Vastarien

My short story “The Book” has just appeared in the spring issue (Vol.3 – Issue 1) of Vastarien: A Literary Journal. To those of you unfamiliar with the journal, they publish material (fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art) of a dark bent. Feel free to purchase a print, Kindle, or ePub edition of the issue on Vastarien‘s website, or a print edition at your country’s Amazon store or, if your country doesn’t have one, through the U.S. Amazon store. Enjoy!

“Aiko” to be published in River and South Review

My short story “Aiko” was just picked up by River and South Review and should appear online in their summer issue in June. The review “is an online literary journal run by the students of the Maslow Family Graduate Program in Creative Writing at Wilkes University.” The journal “seeks to be a home for work that evoked a visceral reaction, encourages continued conversation, captures the adventures of life, and spurs our readers to go find their own adventures to write about.” I’ll let you all know when the story is available on their website. In the meantime, please do stay safe!

“In the Republic of Venice” to be published in The Carolina Quarterly

Yesterday I got news that my short story “In the Republic of Venice” will appear in The Carolina Quarterly as an online feature sometime this spring or summer, possibly as soon as May. “The Carolina Quarterly has been publishing established and emergent writers” since 1948 and publishes fiction, poetry, essays, reviews and artwork twice a year in print issues, as well as online throughout the year. I will post another note once the story is published on their website.